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If a student’s GCSE result falls short of prospects, you may need to consider retaking some or all of them. This is a major choice that shouldn't be taken softly, and therefore students should harness their pragmatism in arriving at such decisions.

There are a few alternatives accessible if you need to re-sit your GCSEs:

  • Night school – You may find that your school offers night classes for individuals wishing to re-sits in their GCSEs. If not, GCSE courses are famous with local schools, whereby students are offered an adaptable approach to gain this qualification in the subject(s) they require.
  • Distance learning – This study system would suit some individuals, in particular, those who work full-time. Distance learning courses at GCSE level can be taken online, or by accepting study materials through the post, with the exam being taken at a local approved centre for which you would need to enrol.
  • Day release – Depending upon your work environment, there may be a chance to retake your GCSEs through day release. This ordinarily includes spending a working day at your local school or learning centre and gives you the opportunity to enhance your outcomes in the meantime while earning money.

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