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5 Credible Sources to Gather Data for Your Coursework

Gathering data for coursework is probably one of the most important tasks that students are supposed to do, especially when completing any project that has been set them by their teachers; it also happens to be one of the most difficult tasks that students have to do. The main difficulty here is that most students do not know of any credible websites that they can visit to get reliable and authentic data from.

The research process should ideally involve a good mix of scholarly papers, proper use of search engines, books and reference sites. Since most students do not realise this, they only visit a couple of average sources that will be cited, then repeatedly revisit for every coursework! That is not the way in which a student should write an important, academic, coursework project. Here are five great sources that students can use for all their academic research work.

Instead of Google, get more specific with Scholar. Google scholar is a great search engine that specifically allows students to browse through hundreds of texts, papers, abstracts and journals. With over 160 million documents to rely upon, the material that any student can locate via Google Scholar is not only authentic, it is also the kind of information that will make the difference between a good coursework writing project and an excellent one.

Just like Google, Microsoft has its own version of an academic-friendly website, this one known as Microsoft Academic Search. Again, the over 38 million researched and documented publications that the site can offer to users which can all be used by students to make their work better and more authentic. Additionally, Microsoft Academic Research also gives students access to maps, graphs and trends that may be used within a research paper.

An in-depth directory of those links or resource material that are the most useful to a particular topic or research work are just as important as the data itself. That is precisely what searching for information on Academic Info can get any student. What is more, all that is just an extra, added benefit which also includes the excellent, authoritative and well-documented information that a student can easily access.

iSeek Education is a search engine specifically designed keeping students in view, so it naturally facilitates extensive, academic research also. The best part of using iSeek is that it shows very specific, and relevant search results, ultimately a feature of this very popular academically inclined, search engine that helps students save a lot of time while working on their coursework.

The Virtual Learning Resources Centre or VLRC allows students the opportunity to research though many educational websites, each of which hosts a lot of excellent quality information, across a very wide range of subjects. Using customised Google Search along with VLRC will allow students to get very refined, and result-oriented, specific information that will again help students save a lot of time.

However, not every student is able to handle research for coursework writing on their own because of their busy schedules or the extreme difficulty of the task. This is quite understandable and one can simply contact Coursework Square for their acclaimed and professional help.