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5 Distractions to Avoid While Writing For Your Academia

When you sit at your computer to compile the latest assignment that your teacher has set you, isn’t this the sequence in which the work progresses?

You start up the system, then open your work and, simultaneously, the web browser of your choice and open a few relevant websites that you had been consulting for information. At the same time, you also open your email, your Facebook page and a few other fun sites to while away the long and tedious hours you expect to spend working on your academic assignments.

That is the point where you have basically just doomed your work, because from then on, there is a lot more of the ‘fun’ part, the checking of social media sites, randomly browsing the web, that goes on and very little of actual assignment writing that gets done. That is the absolutely wrong approach to take for the simple reason that this way of studying and working at your academic work will mean that you get very little actual, and good quality of work done. Instead, try out these five tips below to avoid all such distractions, while you are writing for your academia:

  • Complete All Research Beforehand

Most academic work requires that the student do quite a bit of research beforehand which is why it is always best to have the research done beforehand so that you do not need to plug into the Internet at all and will therefore have that many lesser distractions to worry about. If you do need to complete some research anyways, try to set yourself a timeline and complete at least enough research to help you get started. Then disconnect from the cyber world and continue to write.

  • Turn Off Background Noise

Most people turn on some music, or switch on the TV or play a movie to provide some background noise while working. For most students however, this is merely noise that will prove to be a distraction later. Instead, a better option would be to work in silence if that works out better for you and helps you to avoid getting distracted and ending up watching a movie when you should be writing down your assignments.

  • Keep Yourself Quiet and Calm. Add A Mantra Near Your Work Space For The Purpose.

It may sound over-rated, but a calming quote or two near your work space, even a fun post on your desktop that warns you against procrastination or the evils of going down the browsing rabbit hole could help you stay more focused.

  • Schedule The Way You Will Work

Finally, set yourself a schedule and ensure that you stick to it. If you mean to get done with a certain part of your work within the next hour, make sure that that is exactly what you do.

  • Take A Few, Well-Timed Breaks

Finally, within your schedule, add a few well-timed breaks also. These will allow you time off to relax, play around and deal with all the most urgent of your distractions. Just make sure to not extend your breaks into eternity!

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