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A Guide to Improve Your Coursework Proofreading

Proofreading might sound tiresome and unwanted by many but in its complete reality, we can never truly underestimate its potential to save our hard work when it is most required. This is to stay that every student enrolled for higher education not only in UK, but across the globe needs to realize the significance of such a simple yet effective task that is known to save grades more than anything else. Proofreading your assignments, essays, coursework, or dissertation for that matter should come naturally to you, and here are some of the ways through which you can brush up your skills further:

Look For Spellings & Typos First

Perhaps these are the most evident and easiest to find of them all. Spelling errors and typos simply do not fit and stand out like odd structures and edges of a strange looking building. They are easy to pick up in your initial proofread and should do a ton of good by getting them removed, as using the correct spelling is the basic requirement for all higher education students delivering their assignment writing or coursework writing tasks.

Attack the Sentence Structure & Use of Language Next

Next you would like to ponder over what is being said and how it is being said when it comes to your paper as clearly it was written with a purpose and surely it conveys an important set of arguments or a message for that matter to an audience. Your academic work apart from being flawless should also convey the message in clear, simple and completely legit use of English language. This means proper grammar, punctuation marks usage, and structuring of sentences to give a clear and concise meaning to your readers which is finite and non-ambiguous.

Lastly, Ponder Over Editing & Readability

It is important not only how you say and what you say what you want to say in your academic written task but nonetheless a due importance is also needed for your work to appear as neatly organized making reading it easier. You can say this part of proofreading goes beyond simple written English and enters the zone of that of an interior designer. You are more focused on improving the way how your paper looks rather than what it contains.

So in order to improve on the readability factor of your coursework writing task, you need to look for the following:

  • Font Size & Style (Calibri, Arial, and New Times Roman are recommendable, size of the font can be anywhere from 9 to 12 which is good size considered by many).
  • Line Spacing, Text alignment, and paragraph indentation.
  • Headings and referencing systems.
  • Cover / Title Page, Page Numbers, Table of Contents etc.

In the end, you can say that proofreading your own academic papers and coursework can be quite tedious but once you get the hang of it, it keeps on getting easier the next time round. So proofread your written work always and make a good habit out of it. In case you find it troublesome and too much time consuming you can seek professional help from Coursework Square for further assistance.