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Few Errors That Shouldn’t Be the Part of Any Coursework

Coursework writing is something that is not a cup of tea that everyone could enjoy. This process involves not just writing about a topic, but as a student, you also have to follow the instructions given by the professor. You might be familiar with such instructions like referencing, type of the essay and word count, etc. but there are some things that you might not be aware of and might end up making mistakes in the process of writing an essay. So, we thought to highlight few common mistakes that shouldn’t happen in coursework writing as many students are not aware of them and always commit them while performing academic tasks.

Usage of Tenses:

It is quite surprising that many students who represent top universities of the UK, unexpectedly end up committing some horrible mistakes, and application of wrong tenses is one of them. A mainstream advice for all the student is that they should always use present tense whenever they are writing any academic task. The students who mix-up past & present tenses in one sentence end up with the coursework which is neither concise nor correct.

Elude Pronouns:

According to the experts, usage of pronouns is not suited for coursework writing, and you should only use it if your professor has advised you to use it. You must be thinking what you should use to address your readers in your coursework, well you should use a third person word such as ‘one’, instead of using second person word like ‘you’.

Incomplete Sentences:

No offense but no one expect a high school student to incorporate incomplete sentences in your academic papers. The best way to counter incomplete and senseless sentences is to use short and concise sentences. You would be aware, but still, an easy tip for better sentences is to use both subject and a single verb for better connectivity.

Excessive Usage of Quotes:

You know that why your teacher has assigned you a task, right? It is to test your knowledge regarding the subject and develop your skills. So, if you start quoting too much from other people’s research or books then the purpose of your task would die. We do not ask you to stop quoting completely, but it is highly recommended to avoid excessive usage of quotes in coursework.

Use of Inapt Language & Examples:

Academic writing is the task which you need to write using simple language. There are many things you need to keep in mind while attempting an academic paper. Having correct sentence structure, having right tone, and correct use of the grammar is crucial for writing a compelling coursework. Moreover, examples and stats are also the essential part of the coursework. If you make mistakes in it or can’t convince the readers with your opinion supporting with the examples or stats, then there is a possibility of your marks to be deducted leading towards lower grades and scores.

To our knowledge, these are the major blunders that every student must avoid while writing any coursework. These points aren’t difficult to understand and apply, so we would advise you to work hard on them. If you are not able to apply them, contact Coursework Square for better understanding.