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Guidelines for Creative Essay Writing

The process of writing a perfect creative essay usually begins with the mind-blowing idea- an idea you think would create an impact, an idea that’d be fixed onto your reader’s minds, and an idea that gives you butterflies in the stomach!

But as soon as the time comes to write, you get blank or have no clue how to translate your thoughts into words. You may have ideas in your head, but not aware of the correct tools to convey them through words. Well, this is one of the most common struggles students face while writing an essay.

The fact is you’re not only required to have a perfect idea, but effective techniques to execute it. Creative writing usually implies being “creative”: making things up and letting your imagination run wild! Though, academic essays are more serious in nature, based on factual and objective information, conveying ideas and opinions formally and systematically that aims to inform the reader, rather than entertaining them.

Creative writing is mostly associated with colourful tales and assumptions that not only triggers the reader’s imagination but also aims to engage them throughout the essay. These two distinctive literary devices indeed appear to be two poles apart, but they actually have some few similarities.

Most importantly, these two literary pieces are directed towards a specific group of readers, which means that a writer should implicate techniques to sustain their attention. To do so, we have to borrow some of the techniques from creative writing.

Putting together a creative piece requires time, efforts and above all, intense imaginations! Churning out original ideas and convey them creatively is not smooth sailing at all, especially when you’re blocked with words and visions. To remove that blockage, you’re required to follow important guidelines and tips to tap back on imagination and get your creative flow back.

As a matter of fact, the process of creative writing begins as soon as you get your pencil in hands or sit in front of the laptop. It’s all about being free and letting your imaginations run wild!

Here are a few things which you should keep in mind before starting your essay:

Pick a topic that you enjoy writing about: The most important thing about creativity is the freedom of imaginations! And the only way to truly feel that freedom is through selecting a topic you love to write about. There would be no constraints, blockages and restrictions.

You will feel free to pour out your thoughts on the paper without being confined to the assigned task.

Think about your audience: Considering your audience while writing an essay helps you to select the correct tone and language to deliver a message. You need to understand whom you’re writing for and how to keep them interested.

Draw an outline: Like every other type of essay, the creative essay also follows a proper structure and outline.  It should have an engaging introduction, followed by well-structured body paragraphs and ends with a kick-ass conclusion. So, before diving into the writing stage, make sure to create a proper outline and jot down the crucial points which are to cover in each section.

Brainstorm your ideas: Having just an idea is not enough, you need to adopt creative techniques and approaches to execute it throughout your essay. The best way to decide the correct pattern of creative essay is brainstorming. Decide how to introduce your topic, to elaborate it further and how to wrap ideas at the end of it.

Techniques of creative essay writing

Following are the effective literary techniques to create a perfect creative essay:

Start your essay with a bang!

An attention-grabbing opening is the most important aspect of creative writing. One way of creating an engaging opening is to start with a glimpse of a short narrative or a flashback. This technique will disrupt the flow of chronological events by taking readers directly to the action, and begins the essay with a bang!

For example, if you’re writing an essay about the aftermath of conflict and war in the country, you can start with a story about a girl, residing in a war-torn country, create the scenes, set up the stage and take your readers into the field so that they can develop an understanding about what an essay is really about.

This technique will not only lure your readers into reading the essay entirely but also helps to generate an empathetic feeling at the beginning of the essay. You can connect the story with a bigger picture by stating some facts and stories from the soldier serving at the frontline.

Using extended metaphors

Instead of straightforwardly stating facts for explaining a complex concept, it might be easier to use an analogy to convey the message by drawing similarities, which readers find exciting and easier to understand. For example, Shakespeare used many analogies and metaphors in his play Romeo and Juliet, “Death is my son-in-law; Death is my heir.”

With this creative literary technique, you can explain complicated concepts more understandably, that not only gives your essay an artistic appearance but also helps to sustain readers’ attention.

For example: “Raising a kid is just like planting a seed in your backyard. Just like it requires an adequate amount of water and sunlight, your child needs good care, acceptance and above all patience. So that your child grows up into a blossoming individual.”

Creative writing is all about drawing inspirations from imaginations. Look around you; there’s a broad scope of imagination in the world. All you have to do is to observe and look at things from a different perspective.

If you are still facing to come up with creative ideas, then don’t stress yourself! We are always here for your assistance! Our professional essay writers will provide the best coursework writing help and make a perfect creative essay for you. Creative essays are not meant to make you sweat and suffer, but to trigger your creativity and to make your imaginations run wild. Happy writing!

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