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How to Conduct Surveys for Research?
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How to Conduct Surveys for Research?

For college students specifically, final year projects and research papers can be hectic. To make your research more authentic and precise, you need to include statistical data and figures. For certain projects like economics coursework topics, plenty of online surveys are already available but what do you do when you have to create one of your own and analyse the collected information by making it relevant to your topic?

Living in the age of the internet, conducting surveys has become easy, and you do not have to knock on every door for answers. Posting a form online and letting the respondents hide their identity usually facilitates the job but executing the plan might prove to be hectic for some people. So, we have prepared some guidelines for your academic needs.

Know Your Audience

First, you need to think of the people you are targeting for the survey. Is it related to the quality of the product, or are you looking for more personal accounts? This will help you decide how to approach relevant people for the survey. Note down everything you want to know from your respondents and check if the nature of the questions is general or specific.

Make the Survey

Designing questions is the most crucial part, and you have to keep your target audience in mind while doing so. People usually prefer direct multiple choice questions where they do not have to put in much effort into explaining. So, make sure your survey is precise and clear. Do not draft vague or contradictory answers because that would tamper with your results and analysis.

How to Approach?

Once your survey is ready, you can use multiple sources to attract attention, depending on the people you want to survey. For instance, you can post your questionnaire on online websites like Facebook or Instagram and mention the kind of participants you’re looking for. If the survey is based on technology, then you will find interested people on online platforms.


Always keep a check on the respondents and record the sample size accordingly. The number of participants is a key point in any research, so make sure you note down every answer to formulate the results later on. If your research is large-scale, then you can even offer some rewards in exchange for participating in the survey or just promise to share the results when you are done with the work.


Let’s come to the most important part of conducting the survey: results. While platforms like Google forms store the results automatically, you should be more precise and construct bar charts and graphs to make the analysis easier. You just have to compile all the data that has been recorded and put it in an online chart generator to see the outcome of the survey more accurately.


Obtaining the results is step number one of having data in your research paper. Based on the responses, now you have to relate the context to your work and provide relevant supporting evidence to prove your point. A detailed evaluation would refer by coursework writing service to every question to see how and why the participants have responded in that particular way and lead you to the conclusion of your analysis.

Conducting online surveys has been made cheap due to effective communication. You just have to find your target audience and draft the questions to support the claims made in your paper. A paper without statistical analysis is just a hypothesis, so make sure the data you collect is precise, and the sample size is impressive enough to add weight to your argument.