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Importance of Proofreading Your Coursework

No one likes to do coursework, because after all, what could be more boring than spending every second of your free time doing a lot of work that is just plain tedious or boring? What could be worse than a lot of dull, tears inducing coursework assignment that you have had to, perforce, spend all of last night doing? In all honesty, few things could come up to that level of ‘bad!’ especially when you look at it from a student’s point of view. However, revising the coursework is actually just as important as the completion of that coursework itself. Here are just some of the reasons why revisions or proofreading are so important when doing coursework:

  • Understanding The Margin For Error

In writing, especially when a student is trying to write something that they are not very happy with or a subject that they are not very comfortable writing, it is excessively difficult for a student to find their groove or to really get into the flow of writing. For that reason, it is also very understandable when a student, finding their flow, does not want to let it go for any reason whatsoever. In which case, it does not matter how many mistakes the student in question may be making, it is highly unlikely that the student will stop to correct every mistake even as they are actually doing the coursework in question. Instead of that, a far more likely scenario would be that the student will not even notice those mistakes which they may be making, let alone try to correct them. This means that reading over the work later to remove these mistakes is really important.

  • Weeding Out The Small Mistakes

The tiniest of mistakes can change the way that an entire coursework turns out. To understand this idea further, there are two examples that we can illustrate with, the first being a phrase about a boy being bitten by a dog.

He was bitten by a dog which hurt him.

He was bitten by a dog, which hurt him.


The first example, with the missing comma seems to imply that the dog hurt the boy. The second example, by the use of a simple comma shows that the dog bite hurt the boy.


Similarly, what if it is not words you are supposed to be writing, but some math problems you have to solve? The following example illustrates this idea:

10-2= 12 (wrong statement)

10+2=12 (correct statement)

A simple addition or subtraction sign can make a world of difference, which is why students need to read through their work to remove the errors.

  • Re-Reading The Relevancy Of The Answer

Grammatical or syntax errors are not the only ones that students are capable of making. It is just as easy to make a mistake regarding the entire answer. During writing, once again, when a student really gets into their groove, they tend to explain some concepts insufficiently which makes their answer hazy and unclear. Similarly, they may, in their enthusiasm to get the work done, simply write a completely irrelevant answer. Either way, proofreading can help straighten out the kinks here!

Proofread! It is indeed the single, best advice anyone can give a student. It is definitely tedious and a lengthy process that one would not mind skipping, yet it is a student’s route to perfection! Though you can take assistance from professionals incase you are tired of doing it yourself. Try coursework writing services by Coursework Square and get 100% plagiarism free, premium quality, and error free coursework assignment.