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Tips And Tricks To Write A Catchy Personal Statement

There is a lot more to the 4000 characters’ personal statement that universities ask applicants to write than just a mere droning on and on about how wonderful you are, the great, albeit extremely challenging life that you have led and how, Superman style, you have managed to overcome every, single one of the challenges that came your way.

The personal statement is a chance that will allow every Tom, Dick and Harry or even Susan, Jane and Mary to showcase just what, aside from their names and UCAS id makes the student in question a better candidate than all the rest of the students who have also applied for the course that any prestigious University in the UK is offering. For this reason the personal statement needs to be really good enough to stand out and attract the attention of the Admission committee/ officer reading the work. Here are some great tips on how to make your personal statement the best piece of writing you have put together!

  • Turn Off The Character Count

While 4000 characters may feel like a really large amount of characters to say everything you need, it is not really all that much space to voice all your own opinions. It barely means a rough approximate of 700 words to tell all about you and your life. It can get distracting, especially when starting your initial draft, to cramp everything into that small word limit. The best idea here would be to forget the character count and just write everything you wish to. Once that is done and you have everything you want to say in front of you, compress it to make the character count limit and to ensure your work reads a lot better also.

  • Take Your Time

There are no points, at this stage at least, for sitting down and writing a personal statement in half an hour. Where’s the fire? The best way you can write is to start well ahead of time, and then carefully edit the work. What may have looked okay when you were putting the first draft together, might actually read better if it is paraphrased in any way. Change, edit and proofread the work carefully over time. Give yourself the chance to find the perfect words and expressions. Especially when editing, look for better ways to perfectly get your thought onto the paper and convey your ideas to the reader.

  • Start With The Perfect Sentence

When it comes to an introduction, nothing beats the perfect opening sentence. Sure, the person reading the personal statement is forced to read the work whether they wish to or not, but if the introduction is good, they will actually want to read your work also!

It is natural to get edgy about personal statements since there is so much at stake here. It can become overwhelming trying to introduce yourself and ensuring you do a great job talking about your education, ambitions and how the University can help you. How about getting some help from professional writers? Our expert team at Coursework Square are always here to help!